Cross-Linking in children

Keratoconus is the most active in children and adolescents. This is why this age group is at particular risk for a rapid deterioration of the disease. CXL is effective, but measures must be taken in this particular age group.

Cross-Linking for corneal edema

CXL may be beneficial in cases of corneal edema where the visual acuity shows major fluctuations throughout the day.

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April 12 and 13, 2014: Cornea International Symposium Belgrade 2014, Invited speaker and panelist

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SAMIR Ophtalmologie. Morocco. Invited speaker and faculty.

In the News: Science

March 2014: Collagen Cross-Linking with Photoactivated Riboflavin (PACK-CXL) for the Treatment of Advanced Infectious Keratitis with Corneal Melting, Ophthalmology

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April 2, 2014: Interview at the World Ophthalmology congress in Tokyo on "PACK-CXL for corneal infections.

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March 2014: Interview in "Ophthalmology Times" on CXL in children and adolescents

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SAMIR 2014

SAMIR 2014

6 hours ago

Prof. Hafezi is invited speaker at the 10th congress of the Moroccon Society

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International Cornea Symposium Belgrade

2 days ago

April 11, 2014. Symposium on new advances in Cornea and anterior segment. Farhad

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