Podium Presence: Past and Upcoming

Link to Prof. Hafezi's past and upcoming congress participations as invited speaker, session chairman, course organizer.

In the News: Science

July 2014: CXL effective in the treatment of Terrien's Marginal Degeneration, Journal of Refractive Surgery

In the News: Video

May 2014: TV report on myopia, a new global epidemic (french)

In the News: Public

July 2014: Article on the risk of pregnancy in women that had prior LASIK surgery

New PACK-CXL cross-linking technology

Textbook on Cross-linking

Keratoconus and Down Syndrome

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The “PowerList” 2014

6 months ago

“The Ophthalmologist” published a “PowerList” 2014, to display a list of whom they


CXL effective in Terrien’s marginal degeneration (TMD)

1 week ago

In his newest publication, Hafezi and Seiler demonstrate that CXL might be an

ELZA logo small

The ELZA Institute: opening in Spring 2015

1 week ago

Coming soon: the ELZA Institute in Zurich
In Spring 2015, the ELZA Institute

EuroTimes July 2014 featured

Pregnancy might put LASIK results at risk

3 months ago

Based on an article published by Hafezi’s research group, the ESCRS’s EuroTimes points

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