Past and upcoming podium presence

Link to Prof. Hafezi's past and upcoming congress participations as invited speaker, session chairman, course organizer.

In the News: Science

March 2014: Collagen Cross-Linking with Photoactivated Riboflavin (PACK-CXL) for the Treatment of Advanced Infectious Keratitis with Corneal Melting, Ophthalmology

In the News: Video

May 2014: TV report on myopia, a new global epidemic (french)

In the News: Public

July 2014: Article on the risk of pregnancy in women that had prior LASIK surgery

New cross-linking technology

Textbook on Cross-linking

Keratoconus and Down Syndrome

Recent Posts


The “PowerList” 2014

5 months ago

“The Ophthalmologist” published a “PowerList” 2014, to display a list of whom they

EuroTimes July 2014 featured

Pregnancy might put LASIK results at risk

2 months ago

Based on an article published by Hafezi’s research group, the ESCRS’s EuroTimes points

IIRSI Chennai 2014 Featured

Gold Medal at the Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society of India (IIRSI) 2014

2 months ago

The two-day-meeting, which was held in Chennai, India, gathered 1’600 ophthalmologists from India


45th Polish Ophthalmological Society Meeting

4 months ago

Prof. Hafezi gives an invited lecture on PACK-CXL for corneal infections at the

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