Podium Presence: Past and Upcoming

Link to Prof. Hafezi's past and upcoming congress participations as invited speaker, session chairman, course organizer.

In the News: Science

July 2014: UV-A irradiation of the corneal limbus is safe in CXL, IOVS

In the News: Video

May 2014: TV report on myopia, a new global epidemic (french)

In the News: Public

August 2014: "The Ophthalmologist": CXL Excels: Limbus-Safe Eccentric Illumination

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“The Ophthalmologist” published a “PowerList” 2014, to display a list of whom they


Keratoconus Meeting in Bangalore, India

7 months ago

Discussing the latest findings in topography, keratoconus, cross-linking and corneal transplantation, with Eberhard


Video interview at ESCRS 2014: UV light and vitamin B2 to fight antibiotic-resistant keratitis.

7 months ago

September 2014: Video Interview with Ocular Surgery News at ESCRS London: UV

The Ophthalmologist

CXL: irradiation of the limbus is safe

7 months ago

In its August 2014 issue, “The Ophthalmologist” gives a comprehensive summary of our

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